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Apparel by the brand. Usually critics just love Tom Ford clothing. From standing ovations

for the Gucci lines to today's collections, this is rare that this brand is not appraised and claimed to be the most promising brands of today fashion world. However, could it be that that Tom Ford might get a bad review? The most recent sexy 2012 spring collection was obviously not their best performance as the reviews have been mixed so far. With sexiness all around and glam looks, could it be the case that the world has had enough of TF and is looking for something new? I don't think so. This designer has been there for a while to know the fine line between being himself and reproducing the same idea all over again. Although his love for purple is very noticeable in the most recent creation, the haters of the violet color have plenty of suits, dresses, flirty details and accessories that convey the elegant and glamorous Tom Ford look to choose from. It is also a kind of pervert joy that the critics have bashing this particular collection, as they have not had the opportunity to say anything bad about his designs in previous 10 years. Its like they are just enjoying it. However it does not change much for TF. By receiving this "negative" publicity the support of his fans is just growing. So there is nothing really that hurts this talented designer.


collection Tom Ford suitThe new collection plays a lot around ruffles and daring d├ęcolletages. The feminine silhouettes are emphasized with slim designs and elegant colors. The shoulders are not emphasized and create a beautiful form. Another beautiful vintage inspired design are the satin suits tailored to perfection with the same revealing cleavage. For more dramatic looks he has added feathers. The same motif of feathers has been used in a number of evening bags in the discussed collection.

You might love it or hate it, but he has stayed true to his ideals and fan base will definitely not be disappointed. They will love it as they always do.

Accessories - sunglasses

Tom Ford sunglasses sale Miranda One of the huge successes are the Tom Ford sunglasses. Who has not seen a celebrity wearing one of the vintage inspired eyewear from this brand. They have been best-sellers in the industry and the brand is paying more attention to the eyewear lines. Also you can buy Tom Ford sunglasses online from the official brand' store and also from the major retailers, such as Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman. Also this merchandise is available in the New York store of the brand in a quite an impressive variety.